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  I want to welcome you to our web site and tell you a little about Cross Creek Antiques. I have been dealing in country / primitive antique furniture and collectibles for more than 40 years and collecting for 45 years. As with most dealers, my passion for old things started as a hobby and grew into a business. I have an interest in the history of our nation and Richmond, VA in particular. Although I have traveled to or through most of our 50 states, I was born and have lived in the Richmond area for more years than I like to admit. It is a wonderful state with a great climate and a choice of  the mountains or the ocean nearby for vacations. A great place for the history enthusiast, whether your interest lean toward the early Jamestown settlement, revolutionary war era Williamsburg or Richmond - the capitol of the confederacy, there is something here for everyone. Even in more modern times, we had the first telephone operating system, the first street cars and the south’s first radio station.   



  My first interest in antiques or collectibles was sparked by Virginia’s tobacco history. The numerous manufacturers in Richmond such as Allen & Ginter, Larus Brothers and American Tobacco  Company all had a part in the growth and history of  Richmond.  I started collecting old tobacco advertising, tobacco tins and early unopened cigarette packs. (yes, there are still unopened packs from 1910 through the 1950s)  Each unique item I purchased sent me on a quest to learn more about the item. The more I learned, the more my  interest expanded. I became fasinated with the early Edison cylinder record players and how they worked. Early to mid 19th century country / primitive furniture and accessories were next on the list. It seems to be a never ending cycle. I have purchased items from Georgia to Pennsylvania and all the states in between. New England hopefully will be in the near future.



  More items than house made it necessary to sell some of the excess inventory.  Cross Creek Antiques was formed in 1986 for the sole purpose of selling antiques and collectibles. I started by participating in 6  local shows a year. We added 6 additional shows over the next couple of years and a booth at one of the local antique malls. Since I  worked a full time job, this was the extent of our involvement for several years. We have now increased the number of malls with which we are associated and hope to add additional space soon.



 We strive to provide quality antiques at a reasonable

 price and, in so doing, preserve a piece of history. 

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